The importance of working your full range of motion

Exercising is not only about building muscle and strength, not at all. There is much more to it like improving health and flexibility. There are no shortcuts in fitness. Aiming for the largest range of motion that you can achieve while you work out can be beneficial to you in numerous ways. Your work out combination needs to consist of the exercises and lifestyle choices, hydration and nutrition to give the best results and release the full potential of your body.

The way you work out, what you eat and how you live greatly reflects on your flexibility. In case that you did not know, and you would be surprised how many people are not aware of this, flexibility training is essential if not even crucial to gaining size and strength.post3a Your bending abilities are not only important in terms of preventing injuries but for the overall health of your body and limb.

Proper posture is half of your health. It doesn’t matter how hard you practice each and every single day if you are practically immobile. Proper posture keeps your body flexible and improves your muscular physique. Also, if you work on your flexibility, you will able to do a full range of motion exercises such as deadlifts and squats, the exercises which are known to be major muscle builders.

Dynamic stretching

So, everything goes hand in hand, everything is related. post3bYou can technically have one without the other but you would be literally waiting to get injured. To make sure this doesn’t happen at all, you need to work on getting a full range of motion because that opens a whole new set of possibilities and abilities to build yourself even more. Tight shoulders and hips will only limit you in what you want to do so you better start working on your flexibility right away.

Dynamic stretching is a proper way to introduce your body to some extra flexibility before you start working out for real. It will get you all warmed up and moving so it is recommended that you go through jumping jacks, side lunges, push ups, lunges and squats before you start your cardio or lifting session. By regularly doing bodyweight movements, you will soon notice how better you feel after your work out session and that your body heals much better after hard days training.